Refuge CMI School of Ministry

About Us


Our vision has three parts:

1 - It is our desire to offer free Bible-based training to pastors and leaders in Central America who may not have the time or the funding to attend a Bible college.

2 - To offer workshops in several subject areas to help ministry leaders in the US and Central America be better equipped to minister in their local church as Sunday School teachers, elders, and other leadership roles.

3 - To offer degree programs through a partnership with Vision University. 


You benefit by receiving training to be more effective in your local church, or a degree to become a ministry leader, pastor, missionary, etc;   while helping a pastor/leader in another country receive the training they need to be more effective in their ministry through a portion of your tuition.  


Results we are striving for include: 

1 - better equipped pastors and leaders in  the countries we work in. 

2 - better equipped church workers and leaders in the US and Central America. 

3 - help Christian workers reach their goal of a degree through VISION University, without having to quit their jobs to attend a college campus.

We Offer


Online Degrees

 You can earn an online degree in conjunction with Vision International University.
Just go to VISION LINK:

to register for classes and to get more information


Leadership Seminars/Classes in USA

 We have leadership and ministry seminars available in the USA that can be conducted at your church for your entire church staff.
Topics Include:

 EMPOWER: Lay Leadership

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Uniquely You  (D.I.S.C. profiles with Spiritual Gifts Inventory) 

Mission Preparation Workshops

 Personal Evangelism/Witnessing


On the Mission Field

 We also offer most of the Leadership Seminar/Classes on the mission field.  The content will vary, but the topics include:
Pastoral/Church Leadership

 EMPOWER: Lay Leadership

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Uniquely You  (D.I.S.C. profiles with spiritual gifts) 

Personal Evangelism/Witnessing

Witnessing Effectively to Cults